imag0261ALE has delivered a transformer, weighing 345t, to a power station in County Claire, Ireland.

This is the largest transformer ever to be transported in Ireland. ALE was tasked with delivering the transformer, which was manufactured in Italy, to the substation within Moneypoint Power Station in County Claire, Ireland. Once the transformer had set sail on a heavylift vessel, ALE received it on a pontoon at Foynes Port, Ireland.

The pontoon then sailed from Foynes Port, across the Shannon estuary to the power station jetty, where it was rolled off with SPMT on a ramp from the Ro-Ro pontoon.

ALE then transported the transformer through Moneypoint Power Station using 16 axle lines of SPMTs in a configuimag0232-e1477910102910ration of 4 file 8 to the substation. Once on site, the transformer was offloaded onto jacks, jacked- down and installed to plinth.

Nathan Clarke, Project Manager for ALE, said: “To have delivered a transformer of this size and weight in Ireland demonstrates our capabilities in transporting abnormal loads when faced with the logistical challenges of this part of Ireland. We offered a solution which enabled swift transfer from heavy lift vessel to plinth within 48 hours.”

Whilst praising ALE, Robert le Roux of ESB International, said: “ALE performed very well, they delivered a faultless performance and acted professionally throughout the job.”

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