XELLZ is pleased to announce that it has extended its operational services to offshore logistics management, 24shore(TM).

The offshore has been for long now being in development of not only Oil&Gas but more so in the renewable energy, wind. With this “new” industry the demand for project logistics management has become increasingly needed in order to complete projects within time and budget. The materials and equipment needed to construct and maintain the wind energy has also become more and like the offshore oil&gas, material is spread over several locations both onshore and offshore which makes managing this from a logistics point more complex.

Keeping track of each and every piece of equipment and parts, activities, communication, GPS locations, visual data, documents etc. is something that few companies master. Many times this information and data is over several software and platforms and communication is separated completely. ProjeXsmart(TM) IT platform of XELLZ has this mastered and combines all the elements of a project into one platform.

For the offshore XELLZ has come with its own product which is named 24shore(TM) (www.24shore.com) and which is specially focusing on the offshore industries. 24shore shall bring the same proofed projeXsmart platform but with additional offshore related IT tools and functionality. The Project Logistics Control Center (PLCC) concept of XELLZ shall be applied in a 24hour per day setting guaranteeing immediate action if and when needed.

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