Heavylift company AAL has introduced a new regular Europe-Far East multipurpose service with its 19,000-dwt S-Class heavylift vessels.

The new service will offer regular sailings and flexible port calls between Northern Europe’s ARA range and the Baltic region, Middle East, Southeast Asia and over to the Far East.

In addition to the deployment of the 19,000-dwt S-Class vessels with maximum lifting of 700 tonnes, the service will be complemented by ad-hoc sailings of AAL’s A-Class and W-Class MPV fleet, to provide customers the assurance of frequent sailings and tonnage options.

“We have actually been operating S-Class and other vessel sizes on the trade between Europe and Asia since the start of the year and have built up the sustainable cargo flow and broad market interest to justify employing more S-Class vessels permanently on the trade,” said Eike Muentz, AAL Europe’s general manager.

“With multiple cargo stowage configurations on deck and under (in secure holds) a key feature of the S-Class design – along with a significant 700 tonne maximum lift – is that we can accommodate a huge variety of cargo types from large and heavy project cargo, to breakbulk, steel and dry bulk commodities and all at the same time,” Muentz said.

He added that the default routing from Europe will be via the Mediterranean, but AAL can also sail via West Africa or PG/Middle East depending on cargo demand.

The service aims to establish monthly calls from Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg and one or two additional loading ports in the Mediterranean.

“When called upon we can also draw upon any of the other vessel classes within our fleet, even the ‘mega size’ heavy lift A-Class (31,000 dwt) and W-Class (33,000 dwt),” Muentz said.


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