The ALS sea freight team has completed the shipment of 121 packages (6.750 cbm; 1,705 tonnes) from Romania to Israel.

Three of the largest pieces measured 16 metres long, 4 metres wide with a weight of 48 tonnes.

Planning for the project started pre Covid-19 restrictions in February 2020 and the movement was originally scheduled for April/ May. Due to the pandemic, the shipper decided to postpone the shipment until further notice.

In September 2020, when the virus seemed to be a little more under control, the ALS team restarted negotiations in preparation for the project, and the following month the materials were loaded with assistance from ALS’ local partner, who oversaw operations in Romania.

The ALS team in Moerdijk, the Netherlands chartered a full vessel from Romania to Israel to carry the 6,750 mᶾ /1,705 tonnes of cargo on board.

According to ALS, the vessel arrived in Israel this month and all cargo was discharged safely and to the client’s satisfaction.

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