The Abnormal Load Services (ALS) Hamburg team have completed the multimodal transportation of an oversized/heavy boiler from Germany to Russia.

The boiler was 45.5 m х 3.6 m х 3.5 m, with a weight of 83 tonnes and required multimodal transportation including road transportation to the loading point. There, the transportation route was agreed and confirmed with local road authorities. Civil works on-route were carried out using a 3D Scan for the most difficult parts of the route.

The cargo was delivered by sea to the trans-shipment port. For the final part of the journey, the boiler was loaded onto a special rail car with a capacity 120 tonnes. Transportation by rail for such heavy/oversized cargo is necessary to comply with Russian Railway requirements.

The total transit time was one month with the boiler travelling a distance of approximately 4,000 km. According to ALS, their teams can offer multimodal logistics solutions to Russia and other CIS countries for oversized cargo up to 500 tonnes using special rail cars.

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