Bertling Logistics successfully managed a challenging power plant project from Istanbul to Khoramala, Kurdistan (KRG). This extensive undertaking involved transporting approximately 65,000 FRT (Freight Tons) from China, Vietnam, and Europe to KRG, encompassing various heavy modules, turbines, generators, and transformers.

Recently, our team of logistics experts in Istanbul orchestrated the transportation of six units of diverse dumpers. This intricate task involved carefully handling and measuring 30 tons and measuring 8,000mm x 7,000mm x 3,500mm each.

Currently, all cargoes are en route from Sanko Port to the project site, embarking on a 950-km journey. According to the schedule, the cargoes are expected to arrive at the site today.

One of the remarkable challenges encountered in this transportation endeavor is the substantial width of the Dumper Units. Complicating matters further, the gate at the Turkey/KRG border is not wide enough to allow the units to pass through seamlessly. To overcome this obstacle, a unique solution was devised. A specialized crane was utilized to lift the Dumper Units over the gate, ensuring a safe and efficient transition from one side to the other.

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