Blue Water Shipping does some heavy-lifting with the handling and shipment of two CALM Buoys weighing 250 tonnes each.

Blue Water’s Project & Chartering team including their Transport Engineering experts executed two shipments of CALM Buoys weighing 250 tonnes from Penglai, China to Daesan, South Korea.

The shipments took place in April and May in co-operation with BBC Chartering.

“All equipment was loaded directly from shipper’s premises at Penglai Jutal Offshore Engineering Heavy Industries Co. Ltd (PJOE) under supervision of our appointed supercargo. A close and efficient coordination between our Operational team and the Marine Warranty Surveyor ensured the safe handling of the two buoys weighing approx. 250 tons and measuring 16.2 x 16.2 x 10 metres each”, says Allen David, Project Manager, Blue Water Singapore.

Subsequently, both units have been successfully delivered to the client.

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