Bolloré Logistics Australia have completed the transport and logistics contract for the Goldwind Moorabool wind farm project.

Bolloré Logistics has completed the discharge, handling and inland delivery of over 1,000 oversized components for the 104 turbines Goldwind Moorabool Windfarm Project in rural Victoria, Australia. Individual blades measuring nearly 69 metres are some of the longest turbine blades in the world, and some of the tower components weighed over 100 tonnes each.

Beginning in March 2019, Bolloré Logistics utilised experienced project teams in China and Australia to ship the windfarm components from manufacturing plants in China to the port of Geelong in Australia. The teams collaborated closely with one of China’s largest shipping companies, COSCO, to complete a total of 13 voyages, with each carrying approximately 50,000 freight tonnes.

As each wind tower comprises 11 components, the magnitude of the overall size and weight required up to 5 days of continuous work for each ship’s cargo to be unloaded and stored safely. In addition, the special 69-metre curved blades (about 5 times longer than a standard semi-trailer and among the longest blades used on windfarms globally) required specialised transport equipment solutions. Extendable trailers with rear-wheel steering were used to transport the blades through tight spaces and overcome clearance challenges.

“It is a testament of our staff’s expertise, professionalism and determination that we managed to achieve yet another major milestone together. Bolloré Logistics is fully committed to sustainability and going green and embarking on this project proved to be a most meaningful endeavor for us.”, said Thibault Janssens, Pacific Director of Bolloré Logistics.

Inland delivery was also achieved by working with specialised trucking transport company Ares Transport. Significant planning and organisation centered on working within regulations imposed by the Victorian authorities, with deliveries only allowed to take place at night amid minimal traffic, en route to the site approximately 70 km away to the north.

All in all, Bolloré Logistics successfully completed the discharge, handling and inland delivery of over 1,100 oversized loads to the two Moorabool Windfarm sites in just over 12 months of continuous operations, adding this considerable project to the company’s ever-growing international portfolio.

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