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Boskalis Deploys Giant 7 for Hollandse Kust (west Beta) Offshore Wind Farm Cable Installation

In the world of offshore wind farms, it’s not just towering turbines that catch the eye—equally impressive are the vessels tasked with laying the vital cables that connect these farms to onshore power grids. Boskalis, a leader in maritime services, is currently deploying its formidable cable-laying vessel, Giant 7, to facilitate the connection of TenneT’s 700 MW offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust (west Beta).

Situated off the Dutch North Sea coast near Wijk aan Zee, the Giant 7 is hard at work installing two export power cables. These cables are crucial for transferring the generated wind energy from the offshore site to the mainland. To handle this significant task, the Giant 7 is outfitted with advanced equipment including a loading tower, a cable carousel, and the specialist burial sledge tool BSSIII. This tool ensures that the cable is buried at the required depth in the seabed, providing protection and stability.

The initial phase of the project involves the Giant 7 installing the first two nearshore segments of the export cable. Once these sections are securely in place, the cable-laying vessel Ndurance will take over to install the remaining kilometers of cable leading to the wind farm. In total, Boskalis is responsible for laying two 60-kilometer-long cables. To prepare the seabed for these cables, the trenches are dredged by the trailing suction hopper dredger Gateway.


After the export cables are successfully installed, Boskalis will shift focus to a secondary task: installing a 9-kilometer-long 66kV interconnector cable. This cable will link TenneT’s projects Hollandse Kust (west Alpha) and Hollandse Kust (west Beta) offshore connector platforms, ensuring a robust and integrated power transmission system.

This project showcases the intricate and essential work required to bring offshore wind energy to shore. The deployment of the Giant 7 underscores the scale and complexity of the operations, as well as the expertise required to execute such a mission. The successful installation of these cables is a critical step towards harnessing the full potential of offshore wind energy, contributing significantly to sustainable energy goals.

As Boskalis progresses with this ambitious project, the crews and project teams are working diligently to meet their targets. Their expertise and dedication ensure that such large-scale infrastructure projects are completed efficiently and effectively. The collaboration between these advanced vessels and skilled teams exemplifies the cutting-edge technology and meticulous planning involved in modern maritime engineering projects.

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