One of BBN reporters has received confidential (unverified) information that the rumors in the industry of a possible move of the Breakbulk Europe conference to Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2021. This has not been entirely true and so we have corrected this article accordingly.

The earlier report was not correct and seems to be based on the fact that Port of Rotterdam and ITE Group are in a “tender” phase. It will not be until end of this year that ITE will make a final decision on the next location after the BBEU2020 in Bremen. This could also mean the end of Project Cargo Summit as there would not be any need to have 2 similar events in the one location. The Port of Rotterdam is, off course, eager to obtain the Breakbulk Europe event as it is working on marketing Rotterdam as the next Breakbulk port of Europe.

According to Mr. Nick Davison (Portfolio Director, Breakbulk Events and Media), “Bremen has been very accommodating and has worked with us to offer a strong visitor and exhibitor experience.  For example this year the venue is allowing exhibitors to bring their own catering, and free bus, tram and train travel is available to all attendees.  We would expect any new host to offer the best possible experience for our community and believe tendering to see what can be done is the best approach”.

Perhaps a move to Rotterdam could also play due to the success of AntwerpXL last week where over 2500 visitors have been at the inaugurate event in the Antwerp Expo. A conference and exhibition that had made a real good impression with exhibitors as well as visitors. Some say it was good to have a breakbulk event back to Antwerp, the breakbulk home of Europe. We will have to wait until end of this year to find out if Breakbulk Europe will be in Rotterdam for 2021 and beyond. Until tyhen, please do visit the Breakbulk Europe in Bremen next week which is said to be the largest ever in the history of the Breakbulk conference. #bbeu2019

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