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Breaking New Ground: An Exclusive Interview with Rhenus Project Logistics’ New VP Directors

In an exciting shake-up at Rhenus Project Logistics, strategic vision and leadership are paramount. Stepping into the spotlight, Colin D’Abreo and Moritz Becker have recently been appointed as VP Directors for Rhenus Project Logistics. While Moritz was unavailable for our conversation, Colin provided a comprehensive insight into their plans and priorities. Here’s what he had to say about their immediate goals, strategies, and the future of the industry.

What immediate priorities do you have as VP Directors for Rhenus Project Logistics?

Moritz Becker

Colin D’Abreo and Moritz Becker have clearly defined their territories to maximize efficiency and leverage their strengths. Colin oversees the Americas, India, China, and the Middle East & Africa, while Moritz takes charge of Europe, the Western, Central and Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia and the Pacific. Colin emphasized, “We want to utilize the strength within our teams and Rhenus’ extensive resources, including warehouses, terminals, and barges. Our priority is to leverage our assets in the project logistics world”

Global Expansion Strategies

Can you elaborate on the specific strategies you plan to implement to expand Rhenus’ network globally?

Colin shared their ambitious plans for global expansion, particularly highlighting the strong offshore capabilities in Europe that are now being brought to Canada. “By the end of 2024, we’ll have new employees for the offshore sector in Canada, focusing initially on environmental projects due to the Canadian government’s emphasis on sustainability,” Colin explained. They are also bolstering their in-house engineering department to provide comprehensive solutions not just internally but also to external clients.

What new products or services can we expect from Rhenus Project Logistics under your leadership?

While Colin was tight-lipped about specific new products, he hinted at exciting developments in digital operations and sustainability. “We’re working hard to integrate innovative technologies and practices to enhance efficiency and sustainability in our operations,” He also mentioned, emphasizing their focus on digital transformation and green energy projects.

Market Evolution

Given the current market conditions, how do you see the future of project logistics evolving globally?

“The current geopolitical disruptions have impacted the project market,” Colin acknowledged, referencing conflicts in Israel/Gaza and Ukraine/Russia. However, he remains optimistic, stating, “The markets are stable for us, and we expect this stability to continue for the next two years.”

Addressing Challenges

Can you discuss some of the major challenges currently facing the project logistics sector and how Rhenus plans to address them?

Both Colin and Moritz recognize the challenges posed by geopolitical instability and the need for sustainable practices. Their strategy involves leveraging Rhenus’ diverse assets and focusing on environmental sustainability to navigate these challenges effectively.

Green Energy Transition

Sustainability is a major focus for many industries today. How is Rhenus Project Logistics contributing to the green energy transition?

Rhenus has committed to sustainability through their RheGreen program. “RheGreen provides air freight clients with services aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. Similarly, Rhenus is committed to minimizing the carbon footprint of their container transports by investing in offset programs, alternative fuels, and electric truck fleets, especially in Europe.

In the project logistics sector, Rhenus contributes to the energy transition by transporting machinery and components for various offshore and onshore wind parks, photovoltaic installations, and cable connections that link wind parks to European power grids.,” Colin said. They are also exploring alternative fuels and ensuring that sustainability plans are integral to every tender they submit.

Key Projects in Canada

What are some of the key offshore and renewable energy projects in Canada that Rhenus is involved in, and what impact do you foresee from these projects?

“The focus in Canada is predominantly on wind energy projects, although oil and gas projects are currently easier to set up,” Colin noted. They are already working on three significant projects, positioning Rhenus as a key player in Canada’s renewable energy sector.

Balancing Operations

How do you plan to balance the traditional logistics operations with the increasing demand for green energy projects?

Colin emphasized the need to strike a balance. “While traditional oil and gas projects will continue, the future lies in renewables. It’s a matter of building the necessary expertise to manage both efficiently,” he explained.

Market Positioning

Can you describe how Rhenus is positioned in the market compared to its competitors, and what unique advantages you bring to your clients?

“Rhenus is unique in that we don’t just offer project logistics; we integrate our assets like terminals, barge operations, and warehousing into a comprehensive service,” Colin highlighted. This holistic approach, coupled with the company’s family-owned stability, sets Rhenus apart from competitors.

Long-term Goals

Looking ahead, what are your long-term goals for Rhenus Project Logistics, and where do you envision the company in the next five to ten years?

“For Rhenus, growth is synonymous with success,” Colin stated. They aim to expand into regions with emerging needs, such as South Africa and Latin America, focusing on countries like Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile. The vision is clear: continued expansion and leveraging their diverse capabilities to meet global logistics demands.

Summarizing the interview, Colin and Moritz are poised to lead Rhenus Project Logistics into a new era of growth and innovation. Their combined experience and strategic vision promise to drive the company forward, ensuring it remains a formidable player in the global logistics market.

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