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Does Digitalisation exist in shipping?


Shipowner Charterer says: Digitalization in the Breakbulk- and Heavylift Industry is non-existent. The home-office situation has not changed this. Yes, people are relying more on messaging and video conferencing tools - but that´s technology that was available a decade ago already. A real digital insight in processes and workflows is not a thing. Not even the most sophisticated ERP software for our sector (like IMOS) offers such a real time insight from start to finish. It´s appalling and alarming, both from a business as well as quality management standpoint.


Dutch broker says: Some companies already followed the path of digitization before Covid more than others. I however do not see companies performing better in our field due to their advantage in digitization process.

I think however that it is more helpful when you try to diversify your business to generate more income from other sources, as compared to the one track ponies in the field.
In some parts of the shipping world you see digitalization being adapted very quick now (think about class and survey companies.


Project Logistics Guru says: Companies that have invested early into the digitisation have been able to cope with the crisis better then those that are now struggling with the fact that systems are not up to speed for staff to work remote. On the other hand we should also not think that when you have your systems in order that the crisis can be survived because of this. There is a lot to be done before that happens.
Implementing new processes is definitely a good thing to do in these times but that is even without the digitisation. When business is low the time to re-set the organisation may be a very good thing to do because of the focus of staff can be captured.

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