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What's happening in the Rhine? Are low water levels posing real challenges?


We've been reading lately that Germany’s Rhine River is entering the summer months with water levels at their lowest in two decades, prompting fears of shipping disruption on Europe’s most important inland waterway

Water levels have apparently risen after recent rain but remain too shallow for cargo vessels to sail fully loaded throughout the river. Shallow water means vessel operators impose surcharges on freight rates, increasing costs for cargo owners. Is this true? What can you tell us?


The Rhine has given lots of issues the past few years and it doesn't seem to get back to old levels. Less rain and water from snowy Alps means that vessels numbers will be reduced, less cargo onboard, higher prices and some overweight cargoes are not allowed anymore which is a huge problem for some manufacturers that are depending on the Rhine.

The new normal has arrived!




Thanks for the info Wim.  Are there any viable alternatives? routes/ports etc..?