Volga Dnepr stated that as the world comes to grips in dealing with the Corona Virus and the disruption its causing, they have heard from numerous sources that supply chains are becoming increasingly short and in Just-In-Time industries becoming critically low to support ongoing production operations.

Like most airline operators Volga-Dnepr Group has suspended all scheduled flights to China, but hope to resume operations soon as it’s viably safe to do. In the meantime, Volga Dnepr is still operating dedicated charters across the VD fleet (AN-124 / 747 / IL-76 / 737) and is starting to see an increase in inbound and outbound charter flights. Given the diversity of their fleet with payloads from 20-120t charter and with global operating certifications their aircrafts may well be a suitable option to meet ongoing supply demands for the market.

Where they have aircraft in situ / en-route, they are and should be able to offer special pricing either on one way flights of dedicated round trips.

Their services may beneficial a good number of industries. Contact VD for further requests: sales@volga-dnepr.co.uk

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