From the 2nd of September, the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) is including a remote vessel inspection option as a temporary tool within its Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID), the inspection protocol for offshore vessels. The option to use remote inspections within OCIMF’s Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) programme was successfully rolled-out in August.

Supporting guidance issued by OCIMF on the use of remote inspections for both inspection programs advises that the remote vessel inspection option should be used as an additional option to enhance data collection where physical inspections are not possible due to COVID-19.

Rob Drysdale, Managing Director, OCIMF

Rob Drysdale, Managing Director, OCIMF, explains: “The reality is that disruption to vessel inspection regimes caused by COVID-19 will, unfortunately, continue for some time, and as an industry, we need to respond effectively and pragmatically. We have taken the step to offer a remote inspection option within our inspection programs as a way of providing an additional safety-net to ensure that the highest standards of safety and best practice are maintained. “The inclusion of remote inspections as an additional tool in OVID follows very careful review and consideration by OCIMF, our members and partners.

To support OVID program users and inspectors, OCIMF has updated its Guidelines for Remote Inspections under OCIMF programs.

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