Joint venture CSBC-DEME Wind Engineering (CDWE) has initiated the early works contract for ‘Green Jade’, the very first floating heavy lift and installation vessel to be built in Taiwan.

The vessel has an exceptionally high transport and load capacity and will be built at CSBC in Taiwan for delivery in 2022 for deployment in the flourishing local offshore wind market.

CDWE, Taiwan’s first offshore wind EPCI contractor, was established in February 2019 by CSBC, the largest shipbuilder in Taiwan, and DEME Offshore.

Both partners have agreed to start up the early works and the ordering of critical packages for their pioneering new asset, ‘Green Jade’. The name symbolises Taiwan’s renowned Yushan, the Jade Mountain. At a dizzying height of 3,952 m above sea level, Jade Mountain is the highest peak in East Asia and gives Taiwan one of the highest elevations of any island in the world. Additionally, the name ‘Green Jade’ reflects this trail-blazing vessel’s contribution to reducing emissions, and its role in bringing clean, green energy to Taiwan’s residents. By choosing such an auspicious name, CDWE wants to highlight our ambitions to develop the offshore wind industry and to successfully ‘scale the summit’ together.

Hai Long and Zhong Neng contracts

In October last year, CDWE signed Taiwan’s first comprehensive, large-scale Balance of Plant (BOP) Preferred Supplier Agreement with the Hai Long Offshore Wind Project. This marks an important step in realising industry compliance with the ‘Industrial Relevance Plan Goals’ that the Taiwan Government has mandated in the offshore wind industry.

Swiftly following on from this first success, CDWE has signed two contracts with Zhong Neng Wind Power Corporation Preparatory Office for the 300MW Zhong Neng offshore wind farm project. The contracts comprise the transportation and installation of foundations, as well as a Preferred Bidder Agreement for the transportation and installation of the wind turbines.

‘Green Jade’ will be deployed on both projects. CDWE is committed to meeting localisation requirements and assisting with the development of the offshore wind industry, and a successful and sustainable supply chain in Taiwan, optimising local materials and skills.

Capacity for the heaviest monopiles, jackets & turbines

‘Green Jade’ will feature a high-tech, 4000-tonne capacity crane and DP3 capability. The vessel’s deck space has been maximised, enabling this unique asset to transport a multitude of the heaviest monopiles, jackets, wind turbine components and structures in a single shipment. With this exceptional combination of high load and lifting capacity, ‘Green Jade’ can transport and install the next generation of foundations and giant multi-megawatt wind turbines in the most cost-effective way. At 216.5 metres long, ‘Green Jade’ can comfortably accommodate a crew of up to 160 people.

For more information, visit the DEME-Group website

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