Dachser Peru, a subsidiary of the logistics solutions provider Dachser, announced today that it has successfully delivered two locomotives to a major railroad customer in Peru.

Weighing over 180 tonnes each, the units were initially received at the Port of Houston in the U.S. and then delivered direct to the customer facility located in Lima, Peru where they continue to develop its railroad infrastructure,

Eduardo Rey, Managing Director, Dachser Peru told BBN, “Managing all the steps of this type of heavy-lift cargo project can be quite challenging. However, Dachser was able to manage the transport and delivery process without any issue to the full satisfaction of our customer.”

The logistics company states that there are many challenges during the process of transferring heavy equipment and cargo such as a locomotive. This process included four key critical phases that needed to be flawlessly executed in order to ensure safe delivery to the customer, and they include:

  1. Implement safe on loading of the locomotive units at origin onto the vessel at the Port of Houston.
  2. Execute safe offloading of the units at the Port of Callao, using vessel cranes.
  3. Align with a reliable, local-market heavy hauler that has the required equipment to transport the heavy units through the streets of Callao and surrounding neighborhoods en route to Lima, while navigating around overpassing traffic and air cables.
  4. Upon final arrival at customer’s facility in Lima, orchestrate secure discharge of the locomotive units from the heavy hauler and placement onto the railroad track utilizing two heavy cranes.

Of significant importance was the selection of the appropriate vessel that had adequate crane capacity. Further, Dachser Peru effectively subcontracted the applicable heavy equipment haulers as well as supervised the on- and off-loading process. This was especially challenging given the current pandemic situation and safety-protocol guidelines.

“The delivery of these two locomotives showcase Dachser’s project cargo logistics capabilities in Peru. We are honored to support the country’s rail infrastructure development and are looking forward to working with our Peruvian partners for future projects as this growth continues,” added Mr. Rey.

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