Toepfer’s Multipurpose Shipping Index (TMI) for March 2022 is out.

The multipurpose shipping charter rates for this month stand at 22,274 USD according to the index. That’s a TMI month-on-month increase of 1.88 percent.

Toepfer says “With the Far East as the key driver, the index rate remains stable at its high level. The impact of the war in the Ukraine is yet unclear and thus not reflected in the index rate. As a consequence of the various measures against the unlawful and pointless Russian attack on the Ukraine, many cargoes are stuck in Russian and Ukrainian ports and many industrial projects are on hold. The impact on the agricultural sector will cause the inflation rates to increase significantly, especially within the EURO zone.

The availability of MPP sales candidates is extremely tight and there are many buyers which are willing and able to buy tonnage at the current high price levels. On the newbuilding side, AAL increased its order of 30k dwt heavy lifter vessels to six ships and UHL ordered another two F900-types from Hudong. UHL is also in firm negotiations to place Super-Heavylift vessels in China.”

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