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Double Parked at the Dampier Cargo Wharf

Recently, TechnipFMC’s vessel Deep Orient and Jumbo’s Jumbo Jubilee were spotted double-banked at the Port of Dampier in order to transfer reels for deep-sea cables.

As the Pilbara Ports Authority put it “Ships don’t usually berth next to each other, but to transfer heavy or oversized cargo it can be more efficient to move it vessel to vessel. Vessels sometimes do transfers at anchor, but berthing against the wharf makes things more stable and safer. It’s not as simple as parking cars next to each other – there’s a lot of coordination and logistical planning that goes into an operation like this one.

It requires a coordinated effort between the Harbour Master, the pilots, the vessel masters and our Landside Operations team.”

These incredible photos were taken by Pilbara Ports Authority’s own Jeremy Smith.

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