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Dutch Government Accelerates Power Grid Upgrades: Boost for Innovative Cable Transport Solutions

The Dutch government is fast-tracking the upgrade of its national and regional power grid to meet the surging demand for electricity. This development is particularly beneficial for 24shore, the company behind the innovative ReelFrame loading and transport solution for heavy power cables. Set to roll out this year, ReelFrame promises to revolutionize the industry by significantly enhancing transport capacity and efficiency.

ReelFrame, a patented solution by 24shore, can transport cable drums weighing over 100 metric tons. Unlike traditional methods, it nearly eliminates the need for mobile cranes at jobsites and factories due to its self-loading capability. This advancement not only cuts down on CO2 emissions but also optimizes transport equipment efficiency. With the increasing demand for power grid upgrades, ReelFrame is poised to be a game changer for transport companies and project costs alike.

The push for power grid enhancements isn’t limited to the Netherlands. Globally, countries are investing heavily in similar upgrades. Just days ago, New York State announced a $16 billion investment in its power infrastructure. In parallel, the USA plans to upgrade 100,000 miles of grid over the next five years. Across the Atlantic, National Grid in the UK has increased its investment by an additional £7 billion, on top of the original £60 billion. This worldwide investment trend is expected to further boost the adoption of ReelFrame.

A spokesman from 24shore highlighted the global impact of these investments, noting that the increased efficiency and cost savings brought by ReelFrame will be crucial as the demand for robust power infrastructure grows. With countries ramping up their power grid capabilities, the introduction of ReelFrame is timely and poised to make a significant impact.


This surge in grid upgrade initiatives underscores the necessity for innovative solutions like ReelFrame. As countries strive to modernize their power infrastructures, the efficiency and environmental benefits of 24shore’s technology could set a new standard in the industry. The timing couldn’t be better for 24shore, as the global focus on sustainable and efficient power distribution aligns perfectly with their revolutionary product.

As we witness a global shift towards enhanced power grids, the deployment of ReelFrame is not just a leap forward in transport technology but also a step towards a more sustainable and efficient future for power distribution.

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