ELEVEN DANIR19 (11D19), a Latvian project cargo & general logistics company recently finalised a cargo delivery from various locations in the Baltic region to Russia for the Vyksa project.

Four vessels delivered 24,365 cubic metres /6,500 tonnes of cargo to the Port of Riga in Latvia before 11D19 took over the transportation to a metallurgical plant in Vyksa, Russia.

In total the multimodal transportation consisted of:
• Over 6000 tonnes in 417 containers.
• Over 6500 tonnes in 4 vessels.
• 923 trucks with in-gauge cargo.
• 81 trucks with out-of-gauge cargo.

Two of the biggest out of gauge items had dimensions of 7.0 x 6.3 x 3.4 metres with gross weight of 78,000 kg, each. They were transported on 8 and 10-axles open trailers suitable for this type of cargo.

Transportations and logistics requirements included road surveys and arrangements of pilot and police escort in Latvia, Lithuania, Belorussia and Russia territory along the entire route of the cargo to their destination.

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