GEODIS has announced the appointment of Simon Vandekerckove as Country Managing Director in Vietnam.

To meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding market in Vietnam, GEODIS has appointed Simon Vandekerckove as Country Managing Director, who takes over from Alan Miu, the caretaker in the role for the last eighteen months.

Simon joins GEODIS in Vietnam with over 13 years of experience in the freight delivery sector. A French national, he has lived in Vietnam for the past 7 years as the country manager for a leading logistics company and is recognized for his expertise as well as experience in supply chain management. In his role Simon reports to Rene Bach-Larsen, the sub-regional Managing Director of GEODIS ASEAN.

In welcoming Simon, GEODIS Asia-Pacific Regional President and CEO, Onno Boots said, “In order to drive our ambitious plans for sustainable growth in the midst of challenging trading conditions we require strong leadership within our country organizations.  We seek to put in position those with industry experience, a thorough knowledge of the country and varied relevant skill-sets. Simon’s appointment underlines these priorities.”

With the continuous inward integration of ASEAN economies and supply chains, Vietnam also has a growing role as a regional transport hub. GEODIS has developed its own cross-border trucking operation, GEODIS ROAD NETWORK (GRN) which currently connects Singapore to Thailand and is planned to extend into Vietnam by end of 2020 and additionally into China in 2021. One of Simon’s prime objectives will be to integrate Vietnamese hubs into GRN.  This pioneering cross-border trucking system offers scheduled departures for consignments along the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok axis and will facilitate multi-modal gateway services to/from Vietnam.  

Simon is relishing his challenging new role, “GEODIS in Vietnam is one of the best positioned forwarders in the country to support suppliers to the retail sector in particular,” he notes.  “We are able to arrange freight, customs clearance inhouse, contract logistics and distribution from our own facility.  We are well-placed to assist brands in taking advantage of the ecommerce boom with the full range of supply chain management tools, including last mile delivery to fulfill orders received on customers own ecommerce platforms. We plan on scaling up this offer.”

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