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Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams Unveil Ambitious Plan for Brooklyn Marine Terminal Transformation

Groundbreaking announcement, Governor Kathy Hochul, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have unveiled a visionary plan to transform the Brooklyn Marine Terminal. This ambitious project, supported by a substantial $95 million initial investment, promises to revitalize a 122-acre waterfront in Brooklyn and propel the Howland Hook Marine Terminal on Staten Island towards significant expansion.

The agreement, a collaboration between the City of New York, New York State, the Port Authority, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), aims to create a state-of-the-art maritime port and a dynamic mixed-use community hub in Brooklyn. This initiative is poised to generate thousands of jobs and foster considerable economic growth, aligning with Governor Hochul’s commitment to unlocking New York State’s economic potential and Mayor Adams’ vision for a “Harbor of the Future.”

Governor Hochul expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Today’s announcement marks the next great chapter for Brooklyn’s storied waterfront and is a win for the people of New York City.” She highlighted the project’s potential to reimagine the Red Hook piers as a modern maritime facility that also addresses community needs. This initiative builds on a recent $200 million private investment to ensure the long-term vitality of the Howland Hook Marine Terminal.

Mayor Adams emphasized the strategic importance of this deal, which is expected to create thousands of new jobs and generate significant economic impact. “For 20 years, skeptics thought this deal couldn’t get done,” he said. “But our administration prioritized the ‘Harbor of the Future’ and now we have the potential to create a neighborhood on our shoreline that truly displays the promise of New York City.”

The project will see NYCEDC assume control of the Brooklyn Marine Terminal, including the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, by mid-June. An initial $80 million investment will stabilize and repair key piers and fund planning for the waterfront’s future. This includes up to $15 million for a new electrified container crane. A taskforce chaired by U.S. Representative Dan Goldman will oversee an extensive community engagement process to develop a shared vision for the site’s future.

Governor Hochul also announced a $15 million commitment for an on-site cold storage facility to address traffic and pollution concerns. This reflects her broader agenda to improve the quality of life in Brooklyn and New York City. Additionally, the city has applied for over $350 million in federal funds to support the terminal’s transformation into a global model for modern maritime operations and low-carbon freight movement.

The Howland Hook Marine Terminal on Staten Island will also see significant advancements. The amended lease agreement will give the Port Authority full operational control, facilitating future expansions. Howland Hook, a crucial container terminal, recently attracted over $200 million in private investment from global shipping giant CMA CGM to modernize and expand the facility, aiming to boost its capacity by 50% over the next seven years.

Rick Cotton

Port Authority Executive Director Rick Cotton called the agreement a “win-win-win,” highlighting its benefits for the region, the City of New York, and the Port Authority. “By strengthening our Howland Hook Marine Terminal, we are driving forward one of the fundamental strategic imperatives of the Port Authority, which is the vitality of our ocean-going cargo container supply lines,” he said.

This comprehensive plan underscores a strategic vision for New York City’s waterfront, focusing on modernizing maritime infrastructure, enhancing economic growth, and integrating community development. The project promises to transform both the Brooklyn and Staten Island waterfronts into vibrant, resilient hubs equipped for the demands of the 21st century.

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