Höegh Autoliners recently transported two large ship propellers from Kobe, Japan to Amsterdam, for freight forwarder Martin Bencher.

The two out-of-gauge 33 metric tonne propellers with an outer diameter of 6.9 metres, were considerably wider than the 2.6 metre-wide roll trailer they will be transported on.

Einar Bassøe, Head of Global Cargo Planning Operations says,

“When placing cargo on a roll trailer, it is essential to calculate the stress and weight distribution. This to ensure safe equipment handling and proper cargo securing. It is also vital to find the appropriate lashing method for the cargo based on its shape, dimensions and weight.”

After careful calculations, a stuffing and lashing plan were prepared and presented to the involved parties. Following the plan, the propellers were rolled on board Höegh Sydney, ready for their ocean journey to Europe.

“A major advantage of using RoRo vessels to transport large breakbulk units, is that it is safer and less costly than other shipping methods. With the use of rolltrailer equipment, we reduce the risk of damage to the cargo as no high lifting is involved. Stowing cargo underdeck in ventilated cargo holds, keeps it safely away from elements such as seawater and humidity, requiring less costly packing solutions.” Nil Camille, Sales Manager in Höegh Autoliners.

“Thanks to our experienced global breakbulk team and a fast and direct service from East Asia to Europe the propellers were safely transported to the satisfaction of the customer.” Floris Schorsch, Managing Director at Martin Bencher.

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