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Jan De Nul Orders New XL Cable-Laying Vessel to Boost Energy Transition

Jan De Nul Group has reaffirmed its commitment to the energy transition with the order of a new XL cable-laying vessel. This vessel, set to join the fleet in 2026, is identical to the Fleeming Jenkin and has already secured its first projects. The new addition will be the fifth vessel in Jan De Nul’s cable-laying fleet, emphasizing the company’s dedication to renewable energy and submarine cable projects.

The Jan De Nul Group has a remarkable track record of connecting regions through submarine cables. Notable projects include linking Ireland with Wales, Crete with mainland Greece, and the Orkney Islands with mainland Scotland. These projects are critical for transmitting energy from offshore wind farms to land or connecting national electricity grids.

The significance of these connections cannot be overstated. For instance, the cables connecting Crete to mainland Greece have freed the island from its dependence on diesel generators. These cables stretch 135 kilometers and are positioned at depths of up to 1,000 meters, traversing extremely challenging seabeds. Another high-profile project involved laying 1,000 kilometers of cables to connect two islands off the coast of Abu Dhabi to the mainland.

Currently, Jan De Nul is working on the Greenlink interconnector, which aims to link the electricity grids of Ireland and Wales. The group’s order book is packed, with a further 2,500 kilometers of cable routes scheduled for the coming years. This extensive demand underscores the decision to invest in another XL cable-laying vessel.

Jan Van de Velde, Director of New Building at Jan De Nul Group, expressed the company’s vision: “We are and remain a big believer in the transition to renewable energy. With this second XL cable-laying vessel, we continue to reinforce our pioneering role. Both vessels combine all the cable installation expertise we have built up over the past decade. The result are vessels that operate very efficiently and have a much smaller carbon footprint.”

The new XL vessel is set to enhance the group’s capabilities significantly. By integrating advanced technology and the vast experience gained over the past decade, Jan De Nul continues to lead in the renewable energy sector. The vessel’s efficient operation and reduced carbon footprint align perfectly with global efforts to combat climate change.

This strategic investment not only strengthens Jan De Nul’s position in the market but also contributes significantly to the global push for sustainable energy solutions. The maritime industry is witnessing a significant shift towards greener technologies, and Jan De Nul’s proactive approach exemplifies this trend.

Jan De Nul’s order of a new XL cable-laying vessel is a clear statement of its commitment to renewable energy and sustainable development. The vessel will play a crucial role in upcoming projects, helping to forge vital connections and support the energy transition.

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