Jumbo Shipping’s Heavylift Vessel Fairpartner and team have reportedly unloaded the heaviest project cargo ever discharged on record in the Port of New Orleans.

Jumbo shipping transported two Hydrocracking Reactors weighing 1467 and 1508 tonnes and one High-Pressure Separator weighing 230 tonnes from Ortona and Porto Marghera to New Orleans for an oil major client.

The reactors are said to be the heaviest project cargo unloaded in the port on record. The Port of New Orleans say that this project has shown the ports and Coastal Cargo Company, Inc.’s stevedoring capabilities.

According to Jumbo, in Ortona Port the crew were required to operate with extra caution as the vessel had only 0.3-0.57 metres of Under Keel Clearance (UKC).

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