“K” LINE’s MV Donington has lots to do and is being kept busy on the Atlantic trade.

Capable of taking 7,500 CEUs, she joined “K” LINE’s North Atlantic Shuttle (NAS) trade in August 2021 and her performance so far has been outstanding, according to the global roro carrier.

“With four liftable decks, she is suitable for high & heavy transportation which is why we decided to also newly dedicate her sister vessel MV Brooklands to our NAS-trade.

Both sisters supported by our well known 7,500 CEU newbuild vessels will keep serving our much-valued clients for the remainder of this year on the lane: GBSOU – DEBRV (BLG LOGISTICS GROUP AG & Co. KG) – BEZEE (International Car Operators) to USBAL – USSSI – USJAX – USCHS” says “K” LINE.

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