This week, the largest structure manufactured by Tecade for the Hisingsbron bridge passed through the lock of the Port of Seville onboard UHL Future to Gothenburg, Sweden.

The bridge section is 44m long x 39m wide and weighs 662 tonnes making it the first structure of these dimensions to pass through the new lock at the Port. It is also the final piece of the Arpeggio and Hisingsbron projects.

The lifting was a complex and impressive maneuver given the piece exceeded the width of the lock. United Engineering Solutions did the engineering work to ensure the cargo fit securely onboard their UHL Future. The bridge section was lifted and placed on top of the multipurpose vessel in order to float easily over the lock.

The bridge is scheduled to arrive in the city of Gothenburg this weekend. This project is part of the city’s 400th-anniversary celebration scheduled for next year.

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