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Liebherr : Dual Cranes Take Center Stage in Pennsylvania Bridge Project.

The tranquil landscape of Hawk Falls, Pennsylvania, is witnessing an extraordinary sight: two Liebherr LR 11000 crawler cranes working side by side on a major bridge replacement. This remarkable infrastructure project on Interstate 80, a key route from New York City to Pittsburgh, is being managed by Trumbull Corporation and highlights the engineering marvels reshaping this serene area.

Hawk Falls, better known to hikers and bikers, now hosts a bustling construction site. The new steel arch bridge, spanning 200 meters (720 feet), will replace the existing structure, with the two giant cranes playing a pivotal role. These cranes are tasked with installing a 142-meter (465-foot) steel arch span and two 18-meter (60-foot) I-girder spans, ensuring the new bridge stretches across a 73-meter (240-foot) deep ravine. This project also includes a single-span steel girder bridge over Hickory Run Road, emphasizing the complexity and scale of the undertaking.


Brian Miller, Vice-President of Sales at Buckner HeavyLift Cranes, shared his insights: “Buckner has strategically expanded its fleet of Liebherr LR 11000 crawler cranes to over 30 units in the past decade. The recent surge in demand for higher capacity cranes underscores the LR 11000’s exceptional versatility, positioning it as the ideal solution to address the ever-changing demands of the infrastructure sector, particularly in areas like bridge construction.”

The cranes arrived in July 2023, marking the beginning of an intricate operation. With limited space due to ongoing traffic and the surrounding mountainous terrain, setting up these massive machines required precision. The LR 11000s were configured with 66-meter (217-foot) main booms, 90-meter (295-foot) luffing jibs, and substantial counterweights, showcasing their formidable lifting capabilities.

The project faces numerous challenges, from confined work areas to environmental constraints. The cranes must position beams with a tolerance of just 0.6 centimeters (1/4 inch), and varying weather conditions add to the complexity. However, the adaptable boom configurations and heavy lift attachments of the LR 11000s are proving indispensable.

Buckner HeavyLift Cranes, with its extensive fleet and 75 years of experience, was the natural choice for this project. Trumbull Corporation, a family-owned business specializing in heavy and highway construction, recognized the need for Buckner’s expertise and equipment to handle the demanding requirements of the Hawk Falls bridge replacement.


Jim Jatho, Product Manager of lattice boom crawler cranes at Liebherr USA, Co., emphasized the crane’s flexibility: “The LR 11000 is an extremely flexible crane when equipped with the derrick and ballast tray, allowing for infinitely variable ballast radius for complex lifts. The long luffing jibs allow for a very large lift radius on the jobsite where cranes cannot get closer to their final lift location.”

As the cranes continue their work, the Hawk Falls project stands as a testament to modern engineering and the collaborative effort of industry leaders. The LR 11000’s versatility and Buckner’s expertise ensure this complex bridge replacement will meet its 2024 completion date, transforming a quiet Pennsylvanian landscape into a hub of industrial progress.

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