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Mölnlycke and Scan Global Logistics Partner to Reduce Carbon Footprint with Ocean Biofuel

Longstanding partners Mölnlycke Health Care and Scan Global Logistics (SGL) have embarked on a significant step toward reducing carbon emissions by integrating ocean biofuel into their trade lanes from Asia to Europe. This move aligns with Mölnlycke’s broader commitment to cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and achieving Net Zero by 2050.

For over 15 years, Mölnlycke and SGL have nurtured a close partnership focused on optimizing supply chains and minimizing the GHG footprint of maritime transportation. Recently, this collaboration has intensified its sustainability efforts, culminating in the decision to adopt ocean biofuel.

Eric de Kesel, COO & EVP Sustainability at Mölnlycke, highlights the strategic importance of this initiative: “We are committed to driving our sustainability efforts forward, and we firmly believe we can reduce emissions while maintaining the quality of our business operations. The partnership with Scan Global Logistics to purchase a significant amount of biofuel for our ocean shipments is important and beneficial from a business, economic, and environmental standpoint, particularly for our Asia-Europe routes.”

Both companies are well aware of the urgent need to address climate change through practical solutions, anchoring their collaboration in a shared vision for positive environmental impact. Kim Fischer, Corporate EVP of Global Sales & Corporate Strategic Accounts at Scan Global Logistics, underscores this commitment: “Mölnlycke is very important to us, and our relationship dates back over a decade. This initiative underlines the dynamic and innovative approach that both companies are investing in a successful business collaboration. Further sustainability initiatives have already been discussed with Mölnlycke, and we value such entrepreneurship, which aligns with our business approach.”

Marc Bach Spangsberg Sørensen, Global Head of Program Management at Scan Global Logistics, emphasizes the strategic value of expanding sustainable product offerings: ”We are dedicated to expanding the portfolio of relevant products offered to our customers in an ever-changing world. Through strategic collaborations, we promote the agenda for alternative fuel types, contributing to the long-term transition to low-emission transport solutions.”

A central aspect of this partnership is the provision of accessible, measurable, and ready-for-use products that facilitate GHG emission reduction. By leveraging biofuel for ocean freight, SGL aims to deliver both environmental and economic benefits through cost-effective pricing structures.

Martin Andersen, Global Head of Sustainability & ESG at Scan Global Logistics, reflects on the collective courage needed for meaningful progress: ”It is paramount and uplifting to see responsible companies drive their decarbonisation journey. It is a challenge, but we all must contribute and support each other with collaboration across industries and supply chains, which is essential to making progress. The window for meaningful change is closing; now is the time to drive collective courage for a low-carbon future.”

This partnership represents a noteworthy step towards low-carbon logistics. Amidst the complexities of modern logistics, such collaborations exemplify optimism and pave the way toward a more sustainable future for the industry.

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