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New N434 Road and Corbulotunnel Open in the Netherlands: A Boost for South Holland Mobility

After 7.5 years of meticulous construction, the Netherlands proudly unveils the new N434 road and the Corbulotunnel, marking a significant milestone in South Holland’s transportation infrastructure. This project, led by the international consortium Comol5 RijnlandRoute, promises to enhance mobility by directly connecting the A44 and A4 near Leiden.

The consortium behind this transformative project includes industry giants DEME, Mobilis TBI, Croonwolter&dros, and VINCI Construction Grands Projets. Their collaborative efforts have not only redefined the Leiden West junction but also spearheaded the construction of the N434 and implemented crucial modifications to the A4 and A44 highways. This extensive infrastructure upgrade aims to streamline traffic flow and reduce congestion in the region.

A highlight of the new N434 is the impressive 2.5 km Corbulotunnel. This tunnel, which stretches beneath Voorschoten and the Rijn-Schiekanaal (the Vliet), stands as a testament to modern engineering. Boring through such challenging terrain was no small feat, yet the successful completion underscores the expertise and dedication of the involved teams.

The significance of this infrastructure project extends beyond its immediate impact. For the next 15 years, Comol5 will oversee the maintenance of the N434, ensuring its longevity and operational efficiency. This long-term commitment highlights the consortium’s dedication to providing sustainable and reliable infrastructure solutions.

The opening of the N434 and Corbulotunnel isn’t just a win for engineering; it’s a win for everyone in South Holland. Commuters, businesses, and logistics operations can now look forward to smoother and faster journeys, thanks to reduced travel times and improved connectivity. The new route alleviates the bottlenecks that once plagued the area, fostering economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for residents.


As infrastructure continues to evolve, the successful delivery of the N434 and Corbulotunnel project sets a new standard. It’s a vivid reminder of what can be achieved through international collaboration and cutting-edge technology. With this achievement, Comol5 and its partners have added another remarkable project to their portfolio, alongside their ongoing immersed tunnel projects.

The Corbulotunnel and the N434 aren’t just pathways for vehicles; they’re pathways to the future. This project represents a blend of vision, precision, and perseverance, offering a promising glimpse into the future of transportation infrastructure in the Netherlands.

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