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Nexans Unveils Expanded Subsea Cable Facility in Norway

French subsea power cable manufacturer Nexans has officially opened the newly expanded section of its high-voltage subsea cable plant in Halden, Norway. This expansion is a significant move to meet the soaring global demand for electrification and support the energy transition.

Located in Halden, the Nexans plant now boasts some of the most advanced cable production technology available. The highlight of the expansion is the addition of a second 152.89-meter-tall extrusion tower. This impressive structure allows the plant to insulate four cables simultaneously, doubling the previous capacity of two existing lines. This technological advancement is key to supporting Nexans’ ambitious projects, including their frame agreement with TenneT, signed last year.

The expansion project, which began construction in November 2021, incorporates cutting-edge cable production technology. The facility can now deliver subsea cables up to 525kV for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and 420kV for High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC). The 34,000-square-meter expansion effectively more than doubles the plant’s capacity for HVDC extruded cables.

The newly added tower will primarily focus on producing HVDC cables for offshore wind farms but is versatile enough to handle both HVDC and HVAC applications. This flexibility is crucial as the demand for renewable energy infrastructure continues to grow, particularly in the offshore wind sector.

To support the increased production capacity, Nexans has hired and trained 100 additional employees, bringing the total workforce at the Halden plant to approximately 1,000. This expansion is not just a boon for the local economy in Halden but also promises to create numerous indirect jobs, boosting the supply chain both in Europe and globally.

Christopher Guerin, CEO of Nexans, emphasized the strategic importance of this investment. “Our investment in Halden significantly increases our production capacity and illustrates Nexans’ commitment to sustainability and the global energy transition. The plant will supply international markets with cables for key offshore wind farms and interconnectors that will bring renewable energy from the areas of high supply to those of high demand,” he stated.

Nexans’ expansion in Halden is a testament to the company’s dedication to playing a pivotal role in the global shift towards renewable energy. The plant’s enhanced capabilities will be crucial in supporting the development of offshore wind farms and other renewable energy projects worldwide, ensuring that energy generated in high-supply areas can be efficiently transported to regions with high demand.

This development marks a significant milestone for Nexans and the broader energy industry, highlighting the critical role of advanced manufacturing facilities in driving the energy transition forward. As the world increasingly turns to renewable energy sources, Nexans’ expanded Halden plant stands ready to meet the challenge, reinforcing the infrastructure needed to support a sustainable future.

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