During May and June 2021, the ALS Hamburg team in Germany delivered 54 trucks with general and oversized cargo with a total weight of 815 tonnes from Spain, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Finland, and Germany to Russia (CIS).

“For each cargo type and place of origin; ALS provided the optimal transport solution – direct road transportation for general cargo and a multimodal option for heavy/oversize cargo with lengths up to 20.30 metres and widths up to 4.23 metres.

For some cargo customs transit documents were issued from the border/seaport St.Petersburg up to customs clearance in Russia as well as export customs paperwork in Europe.

WWL ALS Hamburg Team offers a multimodal range of transportation solutions for a range of sectors from road transportation of heavy/oversized cargo; river transportation by European and Russian inland waters and sea freight from the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe; port handling and rail transportation, as well as “door-to-door” deliveries.”

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One thought on “Oversized Cargo to Russia with ALS Germany

  1. Hello.
    Nice article.
    Maybe you shall ask WWL ALS to share the info how they moved 145 000 kg items from Constanta to Kechnec/Slovakia without road permits?
    In case you need more info, I can provide including photos.
    Project was just completed.

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