Allseas has taken its first steps into the renewable energy market with Pioneering Spirit successfully installing a high-voltage convertor platform for the Saint-Nazaire offshore windfarm development in the Bay of Biscay. 

DEME contracted Allseas for the transport and installation of the substation jacket and topsides. As well as being our first job for the offshore wind industry, it’s the first “complete” installation job executed by Pioneering Spirit. 

Pioneering Spirit lifted the 2100-tonne electrical substation safely into place on its jacket foundation on 18 August, having installed the 50-metre tall supporting structure earlier this week.

Saint-Nazaire, also known as Parc du Banc de Guérande, is the first commercial-scale wind farm in French waters. The 480 MW substation will be the heart of the development, converting the energy generated by 80 turbines and exporting the electricity to the French mainland.

“Another pioneering step in the offshore wind industry: we installed the first offshore substation in France!” DEME Offshore.

“Pioneering Spirit has made a name for herself with record-breaking lifts for the oil and gas industry, but this is her first assignment for the offshore renewables market, and further strengthens her reputation as the world’s most versatile construction vessel!

Aside from playing a key role in the installation of large transformer stations, we also see a future role for our game changer in the installation of next-generation turbines and monopiles, so heavy and large that they greatly benefit a vessel of Pioneering Spirit’s capabilities for transportation and installation.” Heerema.

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One thought on “Platform Installed for Saint-Nazaire Offshore Windfarm

  1. Thanks for interesting article. However transport of jacket and topside with pontoons and tugs was managed by Manora Logistics on behalf of DEME Offshore, and installation by Allseas.

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