ProjectFreight.Net or PFN for short is making history in the world of Project Freight Forwarding standards. PFN has started operations very recently and is already being recognized for its high standards.

PFN has unfortunately turned down a number of companies that were not up to the standards they demand their member to have. Not just any company can be a member and it shows in the number of companies that have been rejected to become a member. It is not the size of a company or that they are just doing some projects, but it is the operations processes, their capability to perform a project and heavy lift shipment and how they are willing to cooperate with other members on the PFN cutting edge projeXsmart IT on line Tool where members can operating projects together with other members. This eliminates any duplication of work and is cost saving for the customer as he is kept up to date with email alerts when the next step in the project has been started or completed.

This also means that PFN will not grow as fast as some networking organizations but for sure there will be a quality in the network that stands out from the [networking] crowed.

PFN unique offerings:

  • High quality standard members
  • Inter network training programs that have been recognized in the industry and with EPC and manufacturing corporations
  • projeXsmart on line IT Tool for Project Freight Management
  • PFNLeads, an on line member application for communication, sales leads, sales leads tracking, full CRM functionalities across the network, Knowledge database, etc.
  • Exclusive membership, one country, one member (except for USA, China and India)
  • Annual Global Conference

For more information: visit www.ProjectFreight.Net, or send an email to info@ProjectFreight.Net

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