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Sarens Supports HVAC Upgrade at Scarborough General Hospital

Scarborough General Hospital, a major teaching hospital in Toronto, is undergoing significant renovations, including a comprehensive upgrade to its Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. This upgrade, part of the Scarborough Health Network’s ongoing efforts to enhance infrastructure and equipment, aims to ensure an optimal environment for both patients and staff, focusing on their health and comfort.

To facilitate this project, Sarens has been instrumental in installing Make-Up Air (MUA) units, each weighing a hefty 40,000 pounds, in collaboration with Amherst Crane. The Scarborough General Hospital, the oldest and largest in the area, has been a pivotal healthcare provider since 1956. Located at the busy intersection of McCowan Road and Lawrence Avenue East, the hospital demands advanced HVAC solutions to maintain top-notch indoor air quality and temperature.

The MUA units play a crucial role by replacing air removed by process exhaust fans with fresh, tempered air from outside. This ensures a continuous supply of clean air, crucial for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Especially in large, complex buildings like hospitals, a make-up air solution is essential for enhanced ventilation. These specialized air handling units provide both heated and cooled air, tailored to the building’s specific needs.

Installing these units was no small feat. The process involved meticulous planning, including securing necessary permits and organizing road closures around the hospital. The equipment, transported from Cambridge in nine trucks, arrived on-site and was installed over an intense eight-hour period. A 600-tonne AT crane was used to hoist the MUA units into place. As a safety measure, the ICU was temporarily evacuated during the hoisting process. Sarens’ dedicated team of nine crew members worked diligently to ensure a smooth installation.

Cass Frey, C&R Supervisor at Sarens, remarked on the operation: “We are very pleased to contribute to the Scarborough General Hospital’s renovation, enabling better access to healthcare services. Despite some minor challenges, our team successfully completed the installation seamlessly.”

Facing a critical deadline, the team needed to remove the crane before the permit expired at 6 am the next day. Thanks to their expertise and efficient operations, the crane was dismantled and removed on time, showcasing Sarens’ commitment and capability.

Sarens has long been a key player in the Canadian construction industry, renowned for its experienced team, sector knowledge, and extensive portfolio of cranes and modular transports. Their notable projects include the Finch West Station in Toronto and the renovation of Union Station, where they managed to lift and install several heavy components successfully.

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