Spliethoff Successfully Trials Biofuel

The Spliethoff Group has completed two trials using biofuel on its vessels. The first trial took place between June and November last year on BigLift Shipping’s HTV BigLift Baffin. The vessel

Green Logistics with BMW & UECC

According to UECC, the BMW Group is farther down the road than many rival car makers in decarbonisation of its supply chain. BMW believe sustainable logistics will not only

LQM launch alternative bunker fuels database

Hybrid bunker broker LQM has today launched a new alternative bunker fuels database. The ‘LQM Eco-Alternative Fuel’ (L.E.A.F) database - allows users to search 3,000 datapoints of global bunker supply options

LQM Talks Low Carbon Fuels for Offshore Vessels

At last week's LQM webinar on the offshore bunker markets, the supply and demand of biofuels for offshore vessels was discussed in detail. "Fast-growing offshore windfarms expect low carbon service operations