CEVA Logistics Expands in Pakistan

CEVA Logistics has launched a new operation in Pakistan through a joint-venture with a local agent partner, WAC Logistics, starting 01 September 2021. As part of its development strategy, CEVA Logistics

CEVA Moves Mining Belts in Chile

CEVA Logistics in Chile was contracted by Codelco, a copper mining company, to arrange the transportation of nine oversized (6.63 x 2.06 x 4.2 mtr / 58.8 tonne ea) conveyor

CEVA Logistics Opens in Vietnam

CEVA Logistics strengthens its presence in South East Asia by opening a new warehouse facility located in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province in Vietnam. CEVA Logistics has opened a

CEVA Logistics Expands in Australia & Africa

CEVA Logistics has opened a new facility in Truganina, Australia and continue their African expansion with joint ventures in Egypt and Ethiopia. CEVA Logistics new 35,000m² warehouse facility in Truganina, Australia,