TSL Shipping Loads for Roll Group

TSL Shipping & Trading was spotted recently loading two Roll Group vessels of the same type at the same time with yachts of varying sizes. "We move a lot of

Another Carrier Delivers for Dos Bocas

Roll Group's Rolldock Sky is spotted leaving Dos Bocas after discharging. The Rolldock Sea is also spotted entering the harbour to discharge further modules. All of these modules will form part

Roll Group Announces JV with FTE Heavylift


Netherlands based Roll Group has announced a joint venture with Saudi Arabia based FTE Heavylift for heavylift transportation, installation, and marine works for the Saudi Arabia Market. Roll Group and FTE

BigRoll Beaufort Transfers Tyra Modules to Sleipnir


Heerema has welcomed Total Energies’ Tyra West modules onboard Sleipnir. Another milestone for the Tyra Redevelopment Project was achieved this week when Rolldock's BigRoll Beaufort arrived safely from Singapore and

Roll Group Ships 66 Windmill Blades


Roll Group's Heavy Load Carrier Bigroll Biscay successfully loaded and shipped 66 pieces of V150 windmill blades from India to Denmark."We were happy to welcome her for the first time

Roll Group Moves 12 Wagons to Israel


12 new wagons were recently spotted being discharged at Haifa Port Company. The rail wagons were shipped from Bremen, Germany to Israel for Israel Railways Ltd. onboard the Roll Group heavylift