Starclass Yacht Transport Lifts Ferry

Heavylift vessel Eemslift Hendrika, run by Starclass Yacht Transport and owned by Amasus was spotted loading this ferry in Turkey. The ferry weights approx. 190 tonnes.

Three Water Buses Unloaded in Rotterdam


Last Friday, the crew of Amasus owned Eemslift Hendrika and Starclass Yacht Transport unloaded three water buses in the Prins Beatrixhaven in Rotterdam. "Under the watchful eye of, among others,

Eemslift Hendrika Back in the Water


The Starclass Yacht Transport chartered vessel MV Eemslift Hendrika is officially back in yacht transport. She started her first voyage by loading boats and yachts in Norway and then went

Starclass Yacht Transport Moving On


Starclass Yacht Transport are back moving yachts around the globe. This week, their MV Eemslift Nelli was spotted during her transit from Gibraltar to Rotterdam. Last weekend Eemslift Nelli loaded yachts