HTV BigLift Baffin was spotted on the North Sea loaded with the topside for the Dogger Bank A.

HTV BigLift Baffin arrived in Haugesund, Norway on 26 June. The Dogger Bank A topside is the largest ever built in Thailand, with a load-weight of close to 9000 tonnes.

BigLift Baffin is designed with a redundant ballast capacity of 12000 cubic metres per hour to take these loads.

“Aibel and BigLift have had a good collaboration for a long time now. BigLift offers Aibel predictability and a better foundation for long-term planning with less vulnerability to market fluctuations.” BigLift Shipping.

Dogger Bank Wind Farm is an offshore wind farm being developed in three phases – Dogger Bank A, B and C – located between 130km and 190km from the North East coast of England at their nearest points.

Collectively they will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

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