DAKO Worldwide Transport recently unloaded the first two out of a total of ten charter vessels at Puerto Brisa for the 205 MW Windpeshi Wind Farm located in La Guajira, Colombia.

One load of renewables equipment was shipped via a G2 Ocean multipurpose vessel.

“While the components are safely transferred and stored at the laydown area, our wind team is currently busy in India loading another charter vessel for the same project. We are proud to support the growth of #renewables in Colombia and contribute our part to the Colombian energy transition.”

Windpeshi is a clean energy generation project taking place in indigenous communities’ territories in La Guajira Peninsula, northern Colombia.  The project entails the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a wind farm with approximately 200 MW of installed capacity through the installation of a maximum of 45 wind generators, a booster substation inside the wind farm, a 59.1 km long 220 kV transmission line and other supplementary works.

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