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X-Press Feeders Launches Europe’s First Green Methanol-Powered Feeder Network

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 9 July 2024 – X-Press Feeders, the world’s largest independent common carrier, has made a groundbreaking move in the maritime industry by launching Europe’s first feeder network powered by green methanol. This sustainable marine fuel is known to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 65 percent, setting a new standard for environmentally friendly shipping.

The milestone event was marked by the naming and christening ceremony of X-Press Feeders’ first dual-fuel methanol-powered vessel, Eco-Maestro, in Rotterdam. This vessel is the first of 14 dual-fuel vessels that the company has on order. X-Press Feeders intends to primarily deploy these vessels on European routes, forming the continent’s first feeder network fueled by green methanol.

This initiative aligns with the European Union’s recent implementation of an emissions trading scheme (ETS) for maritime shipping, which encourages shippers to adopt more sustainable practices. Additionally, starting January 2025, the Fuel EU Maritime regulations will require a reduction in the greenhouse gas emission intensity of energy used onboard ships.

The new methanol-powered feeder network will offer the following services:

  • Green Finland X-PRESS (GFX): Rotterdam > Antwerp Bruges > Helsinki > Tallinn > HaminaKotka > Rotterdam
  • Green Baltic X-PRESS (GBX): Rotterdam > Antwerp Bruges > Klaipeda > Riga > Rotterdam

Green bio-methanol stands out as a more sustainable fuel because it is derived from the decomposition of organic matter, such as waste and residues. X-Press Feeders ensures that the green methanol used is independently certified in Europe under the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC).

Choosing the Port of Rotterdam as the base for this pioneering feeder network was strategic, given that Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port and is fully equipped to handle green methanol refueling. This milestone was achieved through extensive collaboration between X-Press Feeders and key partners, including the ports of Antwerp Bruges, HaminaKotka, Helsinki, Klaipeda, Riga, and Tallinn. These partnerships are essential for supporting the methanol-powered feeder network and ensuring seamless, sustainable logistics across the region.

“Today marks a significant milestone in sustainable shipping in Europe. Companies now have a regular scheduled network that can ship goods with less environmental impact, helping them achieve their sustainability goals,” said Francis Goh, Chief Operating Officer of X-Press Feeders.

Goh emphasized that northern Europe was chosen for the first routes because customers in this region were particularly receptive to sustainable shipping initiatives. X-Press Feeders plans to expand the green network across Europe as more dual-fuel vessels join the fleet. The Eco Maestro is the first, with the second vessel expected by Q3 2024.

“X-Press Feeders is committed to playing a vital role in decarbonizing the maritime industry and leading in innovation and sustainability,” Goh added.

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