BigLift Ships Big for Dos Bocas

Eight different vessels operated by BigLift Shipping were involved in the shipment of refinery equipment for the Dos Bocas refinery. Almost all vessel types of the BigLift fleet, including the Spliethoff's

Catamaran Loaded in Hong Kong


Last week Sevenstar EMT loaded this 47 metre passenger catamaran in onboard Spliethoffs’ MV Humbergracht in Hong Kong. The floating cargo is destine for Split, Croatia. "Thanks for all the great

Spliethoff Successfully Trials Biofuel


The Spliethoff Group has completed two trials using biofuel on its vessels. The first trial took place between June and November last year on BigLift Shipping’s HTV BigLift Baffin. The vessel

Sevenstar Yacht Transport Busy Down Under


Sevenstar Yacht Transport is currently chartering Spliefthoff's MV Pottersgracht in order to ship and deliver a large number of yachts from the Mediterranean to Australia. After discharging a number of yachts