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Amanda Labee, Content Manager

“Having your cards on the table and sharing information is so important in this business.”

As a Content Manager, I am always thinking about what our readers would want to read. This means helping get conversations started, and perhaps more importantly, keeping them going.

Working in the project industry has taught me that working with an ‘open book’ policy is a big advantage. That’s why, here at BBN we offer space for all points of view. We provide our readers a platform to filter, reflect and discuss subjects regarding our industry. A non-biased, all-supporting, and transparent way of delivering news, industry updates and market analysis.

With strong affiliations throughout the industry, we have a pool of peers that share, connect, and educate each other on the amazing work they are doing. With content from all these angles, we have a strong team that brings valuable knowledge to the BBN platform.

Joanne Kelleher, Editor

 I always strive to do more. Let us know what we can do better.”

Working with the BBN team to build our own independent news channel has been one of my favourite career projects to date – pulling my experience and network together to create the most compelling content for our readers and supporters.

I am so proud of the progress we have made in broadening our readership base, engaging bright new writers and journalists, and interviewing industry professionals. Moreover, our Chatham Chats Forum and our Letter to the Editor column have gone a long way to open up the subjects most relevant to our industry.

Working with BBN allows me to combine my two passions of communication and maritime. I’m no stranger to the maritime and logistics industry having worked with various organisations in shipping and now I also run my own Maritime PR and Communications company Buoy Communications.

I’m also an advocate for continued professional development. Being a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) and having finalised my exams in 2013, I now sit on the board of the ICS Netherlands branch. I encourage anyone looking to find their way in this industry to consider further professional education.

Tom Scott, Editor

There are so many great things happening in the maritime industry. Let’s tell the stories!”

I am a freelance maritime journalist and copywriter. Originally from the UK, I have lived and worked in the USA, Greece and New Zealand, before deciding that the Netherlands was a great place to live.

My editorial responsibilities at BBN include researching and writing the stories relevant to the readers. My goal is to give people in the maritime industry a voice. By asking the right questions, I want to give people the opportunity to share their knowledge, tell their project stories and air their opinions.

One of my driving forces is the belief in the importance of increasing sustainability throughout the industry. I am also a tech-freak who loves the challenge of explaining the most complicated concepts in terms that everyone can understand.

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