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Breakbulk Milestone: First Shipment Arrives for Southern Hemisphere’s Largest Wind Project

Image: COSCO Shipping

The first batch of project cargo for the largest wind project in the southern hemisphere has made its way to Geelong Port, Australia. The impressive achievement is attributed to COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers’ multipurpose vessel, Da Gui, which recently completed the delivery of crucial equipment for Vestas’ Golden Plains project, originating from Taicang, Jiangsu province.

Vestas, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, is set to supply a whopping 122 sets of V162-6.2MW turbines for the Australian project. Upon completion, these turbines will collectively boast an impressive total capacity of 1,300 MW, making Golden Plains the largest endeavor of its kind in the entire southern hemisphere.

Precision and Expertise

Given the sheer scale of the Golden Plains project, multiple deliveries are planned to transport all the essential components. COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers, renowned for its expertise in wind power cargo transportation, handles over 3 million cubic meters of such cargo each year. The company’s meticulous approach shines through in its loading arrangements. Working closely with both loading and unloading ports, they have assigned experienced port captains to oversee operations.

Da Gui: The Ideal Choice

The vessel chosen for this groundbreaking voyage, Da Gui, features a flat deck, a Box-type cargo hold, and double-deck capabilities. With a remarkable lifting capacity of up to 700 tons, it perfectly meets the requirements for hoisting wind power tower components. This made it the ideal choice for transporting wind power equipment.

Da Gui set sail on July 29, loaded with ten sets of wind turbine tower components in Taicang, Jiangsu Province. Impressively, it accomplished the loading of nearly 41,000 cubic meters of wind turbine tower components within just five days at Taicang Port, showcasing the efficiency and precision that are critical in such large-scale ventures.

As the project continues to unfold, it represents a shining example of the renewable energy industry’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates on the Golden Plains project, as it progresses towards transforming the energy landscape of the southern hemisphere.

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