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CMA CGM Bolsters SIRIUS Service with Direct Rio de Janeiro Call

Image: Map SIRIUS

CMA CGM announced a significant enhancement to its SIRIUS service, a vital link connecting the Mediterranean to the East Coast of South America. This expansion involves the incorporation of a new port of call in the bustling city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, enriching the service’s reach and capabilities.

The voyage’s inaugural southbound journey is scheduled for October 7th, 2023, departing from the European hub of Tanger Med. MV MAERSK LOTA, voyage number 0NSFXS1MA, will embark on this pivotal voyage, with an expected arrival at the vibrant port of Rio de Janeiro on October 19th, 2023.

The revised SIRIUS route encompasses a strategic sequence: Algeciras – Tanger Med – Salvador – Rio de Janeiro – Santos – Itapoa – Paranagua – Santos – Itaguai – Tanger Med – Algeciras. This intricate pathway not only bolsters existing trade connections but also ushers in fresh opportunities for businesses seeking seamless maritime trade.

A noteworthy aspect of this expansion is its seamless integration with the existing schedule for other Brazilian ports. CMA CGM’s dedication to efficient logistics is evident, as the new Rio de Janeiro port call harmonizes perfectly with the established operations.

For those eager to delve deeper or requiring assistance, the dedicated teams at CMA CGM stand ready to provide further insights and support.

Source: CMA CGM

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