DAKO Worldwide Transport GmbH and Bohnet GmbH recently collaborated to deliver two 142.5-ton reactors from Hamburg to the Chemical Park Leuna in Germany. The reactors were shipped from China to Hamburg and then transported by barge along the Elbe River to the port of Aken, where they were transloaded onto hydraulic trailers.

The transport from Aken to Leuna, a distance of approximately 90 kilometers, was completed within two nights. However, due to the limited space and height obstacles at the job site, the reactors had to be re-loaded onto a lowbed configuration to allow for maneuvering and final erection.

DAKO’s extensive experience and expertise in heavy transport and logistics, coupled with Bohnet’s knowledge of the local terrain, enabled the successful delivery of the reactors to their final destination. Despite the logistical challenges involved, the project was completed safely and on time, meeting all client requirements and expectations.

The partnership between DAKO and Bohnet serves as an excellent example of the benefits of collaboration and effective communication in executing complex transport projects.

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