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deugro to Expand Wind Renewable Energy Division in Europe in 2024

Deugro, a global leader in logistics and project freight forwarding, has announced ambitious plans to expand its Wind Renewable Energy Division in Europe. This strategic move comes in response to the burgeoning growth of the wind energy sector across the continent. The announcement, made on June 3, 2024, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, coincides with deugro’s 100-year anniversary, marking a century of innovation and adaptation in the logistics industry.

Kasper Heiselberg, Head of Global Wind Renewable Industry at deugro, emphasized the increasing importance of renewable energy in the company’s operations. “Over the last few years, wind and renewable energy has played an increasingly vital role in the deugro story, which led us to establish a division focused purely on Wind Renewable Energy several years ago,” Heiselberg stated. This expansion is part of deugro’s broader strategy to ramp up investment in sustainable energy, ensuring they meet the dynamic needs of their clients.

To stay ahead of industry trends and client demands, deugro is investing heavily in their engineering and technical teams. This investment aims to develop innovative solutions that address technical challenges and cater to the growing demand in the wind energy sector. “We focus on following the constant changing needs of our clients, and to stay ahead we are further investing in our engineering and technical teams to create the required products, making us perfectly placed to add value to these clients by overcoming technical challenges and meet the segment growth in demand,” Heiselberg added.

The recruitment drive within the wind energy sector will continue throughout 2024 and beyond, as deugro aims to bolster its workforce with key hires. This effort is aligned with their vision to support clients in achieving a greener, more sustainable future. “As a part of our journey we will continue to make key hires over the remainder of 2024 and beyond as we expand our focus on this sector and help our clients achieve a greener, more sustainable future,” Heiselberg noted.

In addition to expanding its workforce, deugro is enhancing its infrastructure to support wind energy projects. The company is developing a green energy logistics hub in the port of Wilhelmshaven, Germany. This hub, expected to be fully operational by the end of the year, will cater to the needs of the onshore and offshore wind industry. It will provide unrestricted access for ocean-going vessels and direct connections to Germany’s freeways and the European rail network, thus facilitating seamless logistics for wind energy projects.

This logistics hub is a critical part of deugro’s strategy to support the wind energy sector. By offering comprehensive logistics solutions, deugro aims to streamline the supply chain for wind energy projects, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of components. The hub at Wilhelmshaven will be a pivotal asset in deugro’s portfolio, reinforcing its position as a key player in the renewable energy logistics market.

Deugro’s commitment to expanding its Wind Renewable Energy Division and developing dedicated infrastructure underscores its dedication to sustainability and innovation. As the wind energy sector continues to grow, deugro is poised to play a significant role in driving the industry forward, providing essential logistics solutions that support the transition to a greener future.

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