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Reach Subsea Extends Charter for Havila Subsea by Three Years

Reach Subsea ASA has secured a three-year extension on its charter for the IMR, survey, and construction vessel Havila Subsea, continuing their collaboration with Havila Shipping ASA until December 31, 2027. The deal also includes options for two additional one-year extensions, highlighting the strong partnership between the two companies.

The market for subsea operations is on an upward trajectory, and maintaining control over core assets like Havila Subsea is critical. Reach Subsea’s order book and tender volume have been steadily growing, reflecting the increasing demand and the company’s expanding capabilities. A crucial part of their strategy is forming robust partnerships with reliable shipowners. Their relationship with Havila Shipping, which began in 2017, has been remarkably positive, contributing significantly to their success.

Jostein Alendal, CEO of Reach Subsea, emphasized the importance of this partnership. “In a rising market, maintaining strong operational control over core assets is crucial. We are witnessing ongoing positive market trends, with our order book and tender volume consistently increasing year by year, in line with our expanding capacity. A key component of our strategy is maintaining strong partnerships with shipowners known for their high-quality, safe, and cost-efficient performance. Our collaboration with Havila Shipping ASA since 2017 has been exceptionally positive, and we look forward to continuing this successful relationship in the years to come.”

Njål Sævik, CEO of Havila Shipping, echoed these sentiments, expressing his satisfaction with the extended agreement. “The agreement is made between two parties who know each other very well after many years of collaboration. I see this contract as a great recognition for Havila Shipping, Havila Subsea, and not least the crew on board for their efforts in keeping the ship in top class and ensuring that we deliver high-quality services every single day.”

This extension is a testament to the strong working relationship and mutual trust between Reach Subsea and Havila Shipping. Both companies have demonstrated their commitment to maintaining high standards of safety, efficiency, and service quality, which has been integral to their ongoing collaboration.

Havila Subsea, with its capabilities in inspection, maintenance, repair (IMR), survey, and construction, continues to be a vital asset for Reach Subsea’s operations. The vessel’s performance and the crew’s dedication have been key factors in the decision to extend the charter, ensuring that Reach Subsea can continue to meet the growing demands of the market.

As Reach Subsea aims to be a preferred partner and full-service provider of ocean services, maintaining access to high-quality vessels like Havila Subsea is crucial. The extension of this charter not only secures a valuable asset for the company but also reinforces the strong ties between Reach Subsea and Havila Shipping.

This agreement is a significant step forward for both companies, providing a stable foundation for future growth and success in the competitive subsea market. The continued partnership will enable Reach Subsea to deliver on its vision of “Sustainable access to ocean space,” focusing on safety, environmental sustainability, and profitability.

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